How to Farm Anointed Legendaries in Borderlands 3

In Borderlands 3 we have the Loot the Universe event going on right now. Every week the players will visit a new planet in search of legendaries. Different sections of the planets drop different items which means you know where to go and farm legendaries in Borderlands 3. In this guide, we will discuss how you can farm anointed legendaries in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Anointed Legendaries Farming

Since we know where to go and farm you can get yourself anointed legendaries for your troubles. In case you don’t know, anointed gear is Borderlands version of god-roll weapons. They are more powerful legendaries that have an anointed perk on them in Borderlands 3. These weapons can have bonuses, perks, and additional firepower.

Usually, high-level enemies drop anointed gear and the drop rate goes up on higher-level difficulty.  To farm Anointed legendaries in Borderlands 3 you can crack it up to Mayhem 10 which will give you a 100 percent chance of getting legendaries with an anointed perk. The drop now depends on your capability to handle high-level enemies. If you can that means a guaranteed anointed legendary for you.

You need to have enough firepower already to handle Mayhem 10. The right build with the right weapon will help you a lot. It is best to start at Mayhem one and move up. This will help you better understand how each difficulty changes enemies and their damage rate.

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