How To Defeat Redstone Monstrosity In Minecraft Dungeons

Our Minecraft Dungeons Guide will help with the best tips and tricks for both melee and ranged play styles so that players can easily defeat Redstone Monstrosity.

How To Beat Redstone Monstrosity

Redstone Monstrosity is a difficult boss to defeat no matter the difficulty setting. In this boss fight, players will have to deal with multiple threats at once as before you face Redstone Monstrosity, players will have to face Redstone Golems.

Redstone Golems aren’t that difficult to deal with but they spawn quite frequently. Here we will discuss how players can defeat the Redstone Monstrosity. We will be discussing tips and tricks for players who like melee play style and also for the players who prefer ranged play style.

Before we start with how to defeat the Redstone Monstrosity, keep the following patterns in mind.

  • The best way to deal damage to Redstone Monstrosity is by using ranged weapons like bows and crossbows.
  • The boss arena has Forge Cores. Use them to deal damage to both the Redstone Monstrosity and its minions.
  • If playing in co-op, split into two groups. One will handle the minions the other will deal with the Redstone Monstrosity.
  • When not attacking, Redstone Monstrosity will charge towards the player and will launch an AOE attack by smacking both of its fists down.
  • The boss will stop and will summon minions to attack players. Kill them first because while they are easy to beat, they are fast and can deal significant damage.
  • Redstone Monstrosity also throws orange orbs that explode on impact. It’ll only use this attack is the player is far away. This attack will be used most for ranged players. The best way to dodge is to either roll towards him or away from him.

Ranged Play Style

As I mentioned above, ranged weapons are the recommended way to defeat the Redstone Monstrosity. Here we will help you with tips and strategies that you can use to defeat the boss using the ranged weaponry.

One benefit of ranged weapons s that players will have to get some distance between them and the Redstone Monstrosity and its minions. Given the hulking frame of the Redstone Golems, players can easily get them stuck on map scenery if they create enough distance.

Make sure you have ranged weapons with a high rate of fire. If not, just use the Accelerate Enchantment as you’ll be spamming projectiles at the Redstone Monstrosity.

Just make some distance between you and the boss and start cheesing him. Light Feather or Boots of Swiftness will help you with creating the distance between you and the boss.

However, given that the arena is full of lava and other obstacles it’ll not be easy to get away from the boss. Just keep calm and use your head. Keeping your distance will not only keep players safe from its attacks but will make it easy to spam arrows at him and eventually defeat him.

Melee Play Style

If using ranged weapons isn’t your style then we’ve got you covered. For the melee strategy to work, players need either an armor with Potion Barrier Enchantment or a weapon with Radiance Enchantment.

This will help you to get close to Redstone Monstrosity and absorb significant damage. Also, lifesteal aura of the Grim armor will help you to land hits quickly.

Having secondary healing is good so we recommend having Soul Healer for the Artifact.

However, Death Cap Mushroom is also valuable as it increases the attack speed. To use this attack speed buff, players need to bait the golem to launch a crouching mine attack.

In this attack, white orbs appears on the ground. During the attack, the back of the Golem is vulnerable. Use the attack speed buff to hit it as much as you can taking a chunk of its health.

It’ll get up to attack you. Here you have two options depending on whether you have the healing potion or not. If you have, stand there and take damage, then heal and keep attacking it. Otherwise, just move back.

If the player tanks enough attacks from the Golem, it’ll again launch its crouching mine attack. Its back is vulnerable gain and players can deal enough damage.

If the Golem’s melee attack is bothering you, then roll back behind it and maintain distance until it initiates the mine attack again. All of these strategies, apply to the Redstone Monstrosity too.

To deal with the Redstone Monstrosity specifically, players will require the Harvester Artifact, or the Light Feather and a weapon with the Swirling Enchantment. Just be aggressive and keep using the regular potion and a Soul Healer to heal yourself. Eventually, you’ll defeat the Redstone Monstrosity.

That is all for our Minecraft Dungeons guide on how to beat the Redstone Monstrosity.

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