Gunfire Reborn Ichthyosaurus Offspring Boss Guide – How to Defeat, Tips and Strategies

Ichthyosaurus Offspring is the 2nd boss in Gunfire Reborn. As opposed to Lu Wu, Ichthyosaurus Offspring is an incredibly difficult boss to beat. In this Gunfire Reborn guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about how to defeat Ichthyosaurus Offspring, its attacks, and some helpful tips.

Gunfire Reborn Ichthyosaurus Offspring

When it comes to weapon choices, you need to have to Corrosive Damage and Fire Damage. It should help you get rid of Ichthyosaurus’ shield and then deal damage using Fire Damage. The boss also has a massive crit. spot, allowing you to use any weapon you prefer.

The boss has a devastating laser attack that deals a massive amount of damage but is not really hard to dodge. If you see the boss tilt his head, it means that it is about to land the laser attack. You can dodge in any direction in order to avoid taking damage. Alternatively, you can simply strafe around the boss and you will automatically avoid it.

If you get too close to the boss, it will perform a bite attack. You can try to stay a little away from the boss in order to avoid it. If you are unable to do so, you can simply dodge away. Ichthyosaurus can also cover the arena in Corrosive goo which can make it relatively harder to dodge around and damage consistently. However, if you have a weapon with good RoF, you can use it to destroy the Corrosive projectiles while they are traveling.

Lastly, Ichthyosaurus Offspring has a shockwave that deals an insane amount of damage. You can simply jump whenever you see the shockwave and return to dealing damage as normal. Remember that if you are hit by the first shockwave, chances are that you will get hit by all 3 of them. Therefore, try your best to avoid them.

After lowering the boss’ HP to about 50%, it will disappear and spawn a lot of adds in the area. In order to summon the boss again, you will need to clear all the adds. After the boss emerges from the sand, continue to deal damage with your best weapons and you will defeat it in no time.

This is all we have got in our Gunfire Reborn Ichthyosaurus Offspring boss guide.

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