Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Best Sniper Rifle and Why it’s the Tac 50

It’s pretty widely accepted that the Ghost Recon: Breakpont best sniper rifle is the Tac 50. It’s an extremely powerful sniper rifle that will make the game much easier from the moment you get your hands on it. However, you can’t just buy it and head out into Auroa, you need to find the Blueprint for it first.

What is the Tac 50?

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The Tac 50 is a sniper rifle, regarded as the best in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It has very good accuracy, even better range, and middling handling, mobility, and recoil. It also has some awesome passive perks.

The first passive perk does +9% damage to drones, a group of enemies that you’ll be facing off against a lot in this game. This can be upgraded a couple of times to turn it into a drone-destroying weapon of mass destruction. Perfect for taking on the bosses of the Project Titan Raid, BaalTitan BetaTitan Omega, and Titan Zeta.

Where to Find the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Best Sniper Rifle Tac 50 Blueprint

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You can set yourself the objective of picking up the Tac 50 Blueprint from very early on in the game. It’s located in the Maunga Nui Port area off of Sunken Clipper Bay. This is at the top of the map, in the Smuggler Coves area, so head up there and look towards to top tip of Auroa, that’s where you’re trying to find this Blueprint.

There are two ways to approach this area, since it’s got quite a bit of enemy presence, so you’ll need to plan just how you’re going to attack it.


If you’re going to tackle this weapon solo, then you need to go in quiet. Stealth is going to be your friend. Take down enemies before they get a chance to see you. This is now easier with AI Teammates, because you can fly your drone over the area and pick targets for your teammates to take down simultaneously.

As a Team

If you’re playing with a group of other real people, then you could tackle this area a lot more head on. With four real players, it’s easy to barge in and shoot every soldier you can see before they get too many shots in and call for backup. Just be fast.

Where is the Blueprint?

To find the Blueprint for the Tac 50 you want to look for the quiet office building in the area. It’s on the second floor, in a weapons chest.

Gain Intel First

This is a very important point to adhere to. If you go into this area without intelligence on the Tac 50’s Blueprint first, you might miss out on it. What you might get instead is the Blueprint for the L115. This will only be because you have failed to gather intel on the weapon first.

To gather intelligence on a weapon Blueprint’s location you just need to collect it as you explore. This could be from talking to NPCs in the area, picking up items from houses and buildings elsewhere, or from interrogating enemies.

That’s all there is to know about the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Best Sniper Rifle Tac 50. If there’s something you think we missed, please do let us know in the comments.

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