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The Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Armor Buster ability is a perk you can pick up early on in the game by choosing the Sharpshooter class. This is a class that is designed to help you foster a sniper gameplay style. It focuses on pushing you to take enemies down from a distance, taking your time, and always being stealthy. It’s much easier to use the Sharpshooter now we have AI teammates, but how exactly do you make the most of this ability in particular?

What is the Armor Buster Perk?

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Armor Buster is pretty much what it sounds like. Once activated, it sees your Ghost load a bunch of anti-tank ammunition into their currently equipped weapon. Usually, this would be a Sniper Rifle or DMR, so make sure you’ve got an appropriate weapon equipped or you might miss out on the perk.

Any shot you make now will destroy a lightly armored target in one hit. This applies to both drones and soldiers, which can be a real boost if you’re up against a lot fo smaller enemies. Even a group of soldiers can be laid waste to with this perk enabled.

If you’re not sure just how to activate this perk, it’s quite simple. You need to press the shoulder buttons simultaneously, and that will activate your Ghost loading that aforementioned ammo. From there you will be making shots with this special ammo.

The ability needs to be charged back up between uses. It’s worth holding out on using it until you absolutely have to. It does deal a huge amount of damage to larger, more heavily armored, enemies, so maybe hold out until you’re facing down against a Behemoth.

Why Should You Use it?

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The Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Armor Buster ability is probably the most powerful in the game for a sniper. It allows you to effectively cover your teammates from afar without needing to throw a load of grenades into the mix. The ability gives you a magazine full of extremely powerful shots, and as long as you put them to good use, you’re going to succeed in most firefights.

If a group of soldiers is suddenly about to ambush you, or you see them in the distance, activate Armor Buster. Now you can hide in the vegetation and take them out one by one without thinking about it. Since the bullets are able to rip through any soldier’s light armor, you’ll make short work of a group of soldiers on foot.

When it comes to vehicles, you might face more of an issue. However, you can still destroy those cars and tanks if you use this ability tactfully. Stay hidden, and pick the moments you fire well. If you get them right, you’ll cause explosions and take out enemies without anyone knowing you’re there.

This really is one of the best abilities in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It transforms you from a standard soldier into the perfect Ghost. Sure, you might not be getting up close and personal with your killing. But you’re eliminating enemies without them even knowing you’re around. If that’s not what being a Ghost is about, I don’t know what is.

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