Gears Tactics Vanguard Class Guide – Best Skills, Tips And Tricks

Our Gears Tactics Vanguard Class Guide will help you with how you can efficiently utilize the Vangaurd-class soldiers and what their skill trees offer.

Gears Tactics Vanguard Class

Vanguard Class soldiers are best suited for the front lines where they engage with enemies face to face. Vanguard-class soldiers have a number of abilities that make them quite difficult to tackle.

A bayonet is the main weapon for Vanguard soldiers which means they can only use melee attacks. Their melee attacks have a 100% chance of knocking back the enemy, however, this doesn’t work on bosses.

Also, players have the option of 4 development paths or skill trees for Vanguard soldiers which include Warden, Shock Trooper, Assault, and Paladin.


Warden development path mainly focuses on abilities that enhance the amount of damage the soldier can absorb. This path also featured the ability for the character to self-recover if it gets knocked down in combat.

Shock Tropper

This path features skills that focus on melee combat.


This path features skills that focus on additional status effects which increase damage but, are dependent on the soldier’s health.


Paladin path or skill tree features skills that focus on team support, team health-regeneration, and the ability to automatically pick up fallen allies.

Best Skills

Vanguard class soldiers’ basic ability allows them to regenerate health in Gears Tactics. Also, get the “Intimidate” skill as soon as you can. This skill allows Vanguard soldiers to interrupt enemy actions. Furthermore, the “Overwatch” mode can be used to get enemies out of cover and expose them.

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