Gears Tactics PC Controls Guide

Gears Tactics is out now on PC and in this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about PC controls. Below is the details list of keys for Gears Tactics

Gear Tactics PC Controls

A proper understanding of the PC controls is required to get through the tough missions in the game, especially, when you are facing HydraCorpser, and Brumak.

Keys  Controls 
W,A,S,D / Mouse  Camera Movement 
Left Click  Orders, Skills, and Units Selection 
Right Click  Cancel Action 
F3  Choose grenade 
F2  Pick Additional Weapon 
F1  Pick Main Weapon 
Space  Approve Skill Selection / Attack 
END  End Turn 
TAB  Choose the Next Ally / Enemy Unit 
Shift  Choose Previous Ally / Enemy Unit 
R  Toggle TAC-COM Mode 
X  Focus Camera on Active Character 
Q  Rotate Camera to the Right 
E  Rotate Camera to the Left 
C  Move Camera Down 
Z  Move Camera Up 
V  Toggle Status and Passive Skills Mode 
P  Toggle Character Details Mode 

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