Gears Tactics Beginner’s Guide – Tips to Win, Strategies

Gears of War fans would find Gears Tactics a big departure from the over shoulder third-person shooter they are used to. Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy game, the first Gears title in this genre. This means those who aren’t used to playing such titles would require all the help they can get to start off on the right foot. Gears Tactics beginner’s guide will help newcomers as well as hardcore turn-based fans get off on the right foot and win against the alien enemy.

Gears Tactics Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks You Need

The very first thing you need is to understand how to use your equipment and weapons. So let’s start off by discussing how to optimize your firepower in Gears Tactics.

Grenade Those Ugly Aliens

Don’t just throw your frag grenades and hope for the best outcome. There is a trick to this which is very basic, frag grenades do a lot of damage in Gears Tactics within a certain radius. When you see the Locust forming a group in a certain area, use a frag to take out 50% of their HP. It is also a great trick to disrupt an enemy unit as it will end their Overwatch. It can also end their Sniper’s pinned ability on one of the friendly units.

Use Overwatch Wisely

Going on the offensive is always tempting no matter what game are you playing. However, you should always evaluate the situation and make judgments calls accordingly. Going on the offensive can be an issue when you are outnumbered. In such situations, use the Overwatch ability to handle things.

Overwatch is an ability that allows the player to choose an area and send one of the units there for cover. If an enemy unit moves in to attack your covered unit, the friendly unit will shoot back and also interrupt their action. It is a great ability to use for a quick counter-attack. You can use Overwatch to lure Locust to push your unit and expose itself.

Executions Are Wonderful

We can give you a ton of Gears Tactics Tips but it all comes down to keeping things simple as possible.  Some types of weapons and armor in Gears Tactics will give your units health regeneration and/or additional action if you manage to execute an enemy. This is a great trick to have up your sleeves when you find yourself in need of HP.

Snipers Need To Go

There are different types of enemy units in Gears Tactics. But the most annoying ones are the Sniper Drones. Since Sniper Drones have pinned abilities, it is really not a good idea to ignore them. They can target your units and pin them in place. This means that whenever your pinned unit tries to make a move the Sniper Drones will take a shot. Sniper shots can take away half of your unit’s HP. Sniper Drones should be taken down immediately so focus on them first.

Boomers and Theron Guards Give Boomshots and Torque Bows

Boomers and Theron Guards are two enemy unit types in Gears Tactics. The Boomers use Boomshot grenade launcher and Theron Guards use Torque Bow. These weapons can do serious damage to enemy units. The good news is that you can pick up these weapons from dead enemy units. Pick them whenever you can after killing Boomers and Theron Guards.

Get Those Cases And Upgrade Weapons and Armor

While completing missions in Gears Tactics you will notice different cases placed around the map. You can pick these cases by moving your units over them. These cases have weapons and armor parts which you can use to upgrade your base unit’s base stats. You can also get additional ability buffs. Another way to get cases is to complete side objectives for each mission in Gears Tactics. Get yourself as many of these cases for further your cause in Gears Tactics.

Using these cases keep upgrading your weapons and armor. To upgrade you need to go to the Home screen and move to the Barracks. Units that can equip a new weapon or armor part will have a red triangle next to them.

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