Exposito Scion of Abjuration Guide | Don’t Underestimate this Boss

Exposito Scion of Abjuration is the fourth boss in Blasphemous. If you’re struggling with Warden of the Silent SorrowTen Piedad , or Our Lady of the Charred Visage, then check out our guides. This boss involves a giant baby and is very off putting if you aren’t prepared. Our guide for Exposito Scion of Abjuration is as follows.

Phase 1

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Exposito Scion of Abjuration is a combination of a snake-like creature and a giant baby. I can recommend that you equip the Wicker Knot Rosary Bead, which will raise your defence against poison and toxic attacks. This is going to be infinitely useful.

The weak points on this boss are the head, and the middle section of its body. You’ll know that second on because it’s rotting away, and very obvious.

You need to be patient, and wait to hit when the chance comes. Pushing to get hits quickly won’t do you any good. The boss is going to shoot projectiles, and occasionally go for a physical hit. Be calm and avoid these where you can.

Once the projectiles are flying, avoid them through the gap that will be there somewhere. Once you’re through, get up close and do as much damage as you can.

Watch out for the baby. It will telegraph an attack that will grab you, and rip you apart. This is an instant kill, and will reset the whole fight. Constantly move to avoid being grabbed, and you should be fine.

There is also a poison spitting attack that is going to hurt you quite a lot. You need to keep moving and avoid this. With the right Rosary Bead you’ll negate some of the damage, but don’t count yourself immune to it. You still need to do some of the work.

Phase 2

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The only difference with the second phase is that the boss will shoot more projectiles, and attempt to sting you with a poison attack. This adds more into the mix to dodge, but if you’re on your toes then you should be able to avoid all incoming damage, or at least some.

Use these tips and you should be able to defeat the boss fairly quickly. This is a big boss that relies on its size to scare you. In reality, it’s not that difficult.


Exposito Scion of Abjuration is said to be the child of a witch. The child’s mother was discovered by the Inquisition and burned to death. The mother begged for the child not to witness it, so they covered its eyes. Before she died, she requested that a wicker figure be made of her so that the child would know her image. Once she was dead, the figure was the only thing that would calm it.

Apparently this boss is a reference to Christ. The wicker halo around its head is meant to resemble the crown of thorns that Jesus wore during his crucifixion. However you look at it, this is a very creepy boss, and one that you’ll wan to be done with as quickly as possible.

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