Dead by Daylight: How to Drop Survivor. Guide on How to Drop Survivors in Dead by Daylight

This is a guide for dead by daylight how to drop survivor. For every gamer who ever played this game, this is a very useful thing you need to learn quickly in order to play the game well.

Dead by Daylight is a game of cat and mouse. Each match sees one killer pitted against up to four survivors, and that killer must hunt down, maim, and sacrifice as many of those survivors as possible to The Entity.

Killers are massively outnumbered in each match because survivors have very few ways of fighting back.

If a killer sees a survivor and begins to chase them, a survivor can throw over a pallet to temporarily stun the killer.

Some survivors also have flashlights, and these can temporarily blind a killer, but other than that, survivors are powerless.

When a killer has hit a survivor at least twice, the survivor will drop to the floor. This is the killer’s opportunity to pick them up and take them to the The Entity, where they will be sacrificed.

However, there are times when a killer will need to drop a survivor, and that can be tricky if you’re new to the game.

dead by daylight how to drop survivor

Dead by Daylight How to Drop Survivor

If you’re wondering how to drop survivors in Dead by Daylight, we’ve got you covered.


PC players simply need to tap the R button to drop a survivor. It’s worth checking if you’ve accidentally remapped the controls before trying this, since you may have set it to a different button without knowing it. You can check this in the game’s main menu, in the settings.


On PlayStation 4 the controls are very simple. You pick a survivor up with R1, but to drop them you just need to press the O button. For clarity, this is the button on the right-hand side of the four main buttons on the DualShock 4 controller, and the O itself is usually red.

Xbox One

Dropping a survivor on Xbox One is exactly the same as it is on PlayStation 4. You just need to tap the button on the right-hand side of the four main buttons on the Xbox controller. This button is called B, and is almost always red as well.

dead by daylight how to drop survivor

Tips for dropping survivors in Dead by Daylight

As I mentioned earlier, survivors have very few defences to use against a killer. However, the flashlight is one defence that can hinder you as you carry a survivor over to The Entity.

Should a survivor blind you with the flashlight while you’re carrying another survivor, drop them immediately.

It’s better to do this because the survivor will fall to the floor and need to be assisted before they can get away from you. If you don’t immediately drop them, they can struggle free and get away much faster.

Survivors will almost always struggle while you carry them to The Entity. It’s the only way that they have a chance of getting away before you hook them up. As such, it’s important to always head for the closest hanging point for The Entity.

While a survivor is struggling, they’ll be actively forcing your character to sway left and right, making it harder to carry them anywhere. If you think you’re not going to get to The Entity soon enough, try dropping the survivor.

Once again, this tactic will play to your favour, and give you a better chance of capturing the survivor once more.

dead by daylight how to drop survivor

Drop Toxicity

It’s worth noting that within the Dead by Daylight community, dropping survivors too often is considered to be quite a toxic way to play.

The reason is because it provides an immediate advantage to the players in the killer’s role, and survivors have enough limitations as it is.

However, there are those players who argue that because killers are much slower than survivors, and have hefty cooldown periods to their abilities, as well as the recovery time from flashlights and pallets, they deserve to be able to drop survivors whenever they want to.

You will need to judge for yourself whether you feel that this tactic is fair or not. Be warned that there is a possibility that you may be kicked from some matches if you continue to drop and pick up survivors too regularly.

Did we miss anything about dropping survivors in Dead by Daylight? Let us know how you play in the comments.

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