Dead by Daylight – How to 360 Guide For Gamers

In this Dead by Daylight how to 360 you will learn what you need to pull off this great tactic or method. We will cover anything any avid gamer who loves playing this game will find useful.

If you’ve been playing Dead by Daylight for a little while now, you’ve no doubt heard of 360ing a killer.

But what is this tactic, and how do you 360 in Dead by Daylight? This guide will answer these questions and more, so strap in and learn the best way to escape killers quickly when you’re in a tight spot.

Dead by Daylight How to 360

Dead by Daylight - How to 360

Pulling off a 360 looks super easy in Dead by Daylight, but it’s not. We’ve got notes on how to practise further down in this guide, but here’s how you actually pull off the move.

When a killer is close, run in a circle, pressing W,A,S,D on the PC, or using your joystick or touchscreen on consoles or mobile. At the same time, rotate your camera in the opposite direction to the way you’re moving.

This will result in you performing a quick 180 turn, but because you keep moving, you’ll do it twice. This turns that 180 turn into a 360. Remember that the killer needs to be in the middle of the circle, otherwise the 360 won’t work.

At this point, a killer who is going to be fooled by the move will be running around in circles themselves. Run off as fast as you can, and you should now have some distance between you and them.

If a Killer is Good, Fake it

Dead by Daylight - How to 360

If a killer isn’t being fooled by your 360, then you need to work it a bit more. Try almost pulling the move off by running erratically in one direction.

This will make it look like you’re about to pull a 360, but if you don’t finish the move then the killer may well stop in their tracks. It’s a tough fake to do, but will help against middling killers.

Mix Things up

Dead by Daylight - How to 360

If you’re spending a lot of time pulling 360s on a killer, they’re going to get wise to your tricks.

Mix things up with some other Dead by Daylight jukes. By keeping your tactics fresh, the killer won’t know exactly what you’ll do next. This will make your next 460 all the more effective, right when you need it to be.

Practice Running in Circles

Dead by Daylight - How to 360

This might sound like utter madness, but you need to practice running around in circles as a survivor if you want to be good at performing a 360.

It’ll give you a good foundation, and hopefully some muscle memory, for pulling the movement off when you need it in a clutch situation.

For consoles and mobile it should be obvious what to do, just move around in a circle using the joystick or touchscreen.

For PC, you’ll want to practice by pressing W,A,S,D, or W,D,S,A. These are your movement keys, and this is the movement you’ll need to perform a 360.

Once you’ve got the movement down while walking, push yourself and practice while running. You’ll be doing this by holding the run button, but otherwise it’s exactly the same.

This is a Last Resort

360ing a killer should really be used as a last resort. If a killer is chasing you hard, and you just can’t get away from them, then this tactic may be just what you need to get some distance.

However, you need to bear in mind that only about 20 percent of killers in Dead by Daylight, the players I mean, will be fooled by this tactic.

Most players are proficient enough that they’ll be able to recover quickly and continue chasing. Some might even be aware of what you’re about to do, and have a counter strategy that they do in order to ensure they catch you anyway.

If you need things going over in a video form, there’s a very helpful guide that we came across below.

That’s everything there is to know about 360ing in Dead by Daylight. If there’s something that we missed which you think should be included in the guide, please let us know in the comments. If not, then we hope this helps you live for a few more moments in your next match.

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