Crucible Rahi Hunter Guide – How to Play, Abilities, Best Upgrades

Rahi is one of the ten Hunters in Amazon’s Crucible. This human/robot duo is all about providing his allies shields and scouting ahead to learn more about enemy positions. His entire playstyle revolves around him dealing damage to generate shield for his allies and himself. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about playing as Rahi, his abilities, and upgrades in Amazon’s Crucible.

Amazon’s Crucible Rahi Hunter

First of all, let us talk about all the abilities at Rahi’s disposal:

Rahi Abilities

The following are all the abilities at Rahi’s disposal in Amazon’s Crucible:


Abilities Effects
Force Punch Increased damage for heavy melee attacks at the cost of shield.
Heroic Bound Jump to greater heights by charging it first.
Laugh it Off Deploys a personal shield that grows stronger gradually.
Scouting Ahead Send a scout ahead that provides vision of the surroundings.
Shield of Justice Shield allies from incoming fire and blind enemies in the process.
Shoot Laser Beam Laser attack that continues to generate shield.
To the Rescue Immediately teleport to the location of your scout.


Rahi Ability Upgrades

In this section of the guide, we will take a look at all the upgrades that you can get for Rahi in Crucible:


Abilities Effects
Continual Overshield Rahi regenerates 6 shield every second.
Justice for All Shield of Justice is stronger and travels farther.
Concussive Punch Force Punch is converted into a projectile and has increased range.
Laser Precision Knuckleduster continues to deal increased damage the longer it stays connected to a target.
Overshield Tune-up Scout’s shield is increased to 300.
Shields Up! Shield of Justice provides even more protection.
Pushing the Boundaries Force Punch can deal damage up to 300 but at the cost of 150 shield consumed.
All in the Timing Laugh if Off gains increased shield and movement speed.
Knuckleduster Charge-up Knuckleduster now provides additional shield.
Save the Day! To the Rescue provides nearby allies with 150 shield and knocks enemies back.

This is how you upgrade tree will look like when playing as Rahi:

  • Level 1: Continual Overshield, Justice for All, Concussive Punch
  • Level 2: Laser Precision
  • Level 3: Overshield Tune-up, Shields Up!, Pushing the Boundaries
  • Level 4: All in the Timing
  • Level 5: Knuckleduster Charge-up, Save the Day!

This is all we have got in our guide to playing as Rahi Hunter in Amazon’s Crucible.

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