Crucible Mendoza Hunter Guide – How to Play, Abilities, Best Upgrades

Mendoza is one of the hunters in Amazon’s Crucible. Equipped with a Pulse Rifle, Mendoza is all about dishing out damage. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about how to play as Mendoza, his abilities, and the best upgrades to get in Amazon’s Crucible.

Amazon’s Crucible Mendoza

The first step in learning a hero is obviously familiarizing yourself with how his/her abilities work.

Mendoza Abilities

The following is an overview of all the abilities that Mendoza has in Amazon’s Crucible:

Abilities Effects
Aimed Fire Holding the aim button improves accuracy but at the cost of movement speed. Headshots deal critical damage.
Fire Mendoza fires rapidly from his Pulse Rifle and deals critical damage on headshots.
Flash Grenade Throws a Flash Grenades that blinds enemies momentarily.
Sprint Tap/hold to move faster.
Supply Drop Mendoza is able to call down a bunker and a medkit. When dropped, the bunker knocks enemies away.

Mendoza Upgrades

In this section of the guide, we will walk you through all the upgrades that you can get for Mendoza:

Upgrades Effects
Teflexton Barrel It increases rate of fire by +25% and reduces damage falloff by -25%.
MU-21 Mini-Flash Grenades You receive 3x mini-grenades with 4 seconds cooldown.
Autogun Bunker You receive a turret from the Supply Drop ability.
U-14 Experimental Overshield You get a 200 HP overshield that regenerates when you are out of combat for 5 seconds.
Mark 20 Accu-Scope Increases ADS speed.
Headlong Rush Increases movement speed. You also knock and damage enemies while sprinting.
Stimu-Health Packs Medkits recharge shield even in combat for 10 seconds.
Magna-Clip Loader Increases reload speed and magazine size.
Hyperburst Chamber The first 6 shots of a magazine deal +33% increased damage.
Flashfire Grenades Grenades leave behind an AoE burning effect.

Now that we know all about the different upgrades, let us talk about the best upgrades that you should consider choosing while playing as Mendoza in Amazon’s Crucible. Please note that these are our recommendations and you should always go for what you think works the best for you.

  • Level 1: Teflexton Barrel, MU-21 Mini-Flash Grenades, Autogun Bunker
  • Level 2: U-14 Experimental Overshield
  • Level 3: Mark 20 Accu-Scope, Headlong Rush, Stimu-Health Packs
  • Level 4: Magna-Clip Loader
  • Level 5: Flashfire Grenades or Hyperburst Chamber

This is all we have got in our Amazon’s Crucible Mendoza Hunter guide. 

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