Crucible All Hunter Abilities Guide – Best Abilities, Effects

There are ten Hunters in Amazon’s Crucible and each comes with its own abilities. These abilities can then be further upgraded using something called the Essence. In this guide, we will discuss all of the Hunter abilities we can use in Amazon Game Studios’ Crucible.

Crucible Hunter Abilities and Their Effects

The ten Hunters in Crucible are as follow:

  1. Ajonah
  2. Bugg
  3. Drakahl
  4. Earl
  5. Mandoza
  6. Rahi
  7. Sazan
  8. Shakirri
  9. Summer
  10. Tosca

Ajonah Hunter Abilities

Aimed Fire: Increased damage and harpoon accuracy. Can slow down movement and enemies get a crit on a headshot.

Detonate Jamming Shroud: Jamming Shroud will self-destruct if the jammer is activated while deployed.

Grappling Hook: Shoot a grappling hook, hold the button to swing.

Hip Fire: Shoot a single harpoon, inflict crit damage if you nail a headshot.

Jamming Shroud: Deploy a device to block detection in the area. Tab the button again to make it self-destruct.

Squid Mine: Seeker mine and that explodes and slows down enemies.

Bugg Hunter Abilities

Crop Dust: Create an area of effect that slows down and damages enemies.

Seed Pod: Shoot a Seed Pod that is triggered when spraying.

Shield Burst: Allies, seed pods, plants, and you get a temporary shield.

Sprayer: Triggers Seed Pods and damages enemies.

Thrusters: Get pushed forward and vertically.

Drakahl Hunter Abilities

Chop: Attack with the Vibron axe.

Enraged Claw: When Enraged Chop transforms into Enraged Claw, an attack that does healing overtime.

Enraged Grab: When Enraged, Sonic Pulse transforms into Enraged Grab, an attack that pulls enemies.

Enraged Roar: Become enraged and pick between a claw attack or a grab attack.

Jink: Jump forward in the current direction.

Resonating Axe:  Decide between spin damage over time area attack or a stun attack.

Resonating Quake: When resonating Sonic Pulse turns into Resonating Quake, a shockwave attack that stuns and damages enemies.

Earl Hunter Abilities

Afterburner: Propel forward at high speed.

Blowback Vents: Block projectiles and knockback enemies.

Fire: Increase Turbfire by firing Misty. Turbofire will increase the fire rate over time.

Tanking Up: Consume a drink to restore HP.

Uplift: Fire four explosive rounds.

Mendoza Hunter Abilities

Aimed Fire: Improves accuracy and slows down movement. Headshots are crits.

Fire: Rapid fire from Pulse Rifle, headshots are crits.

Flash Grenade: Throw blinding flash grenade.

Sprint: Hold to move faster.

Supply Drop: Call in a medkit and bunker. Bunker will knock enemies back when it lands.

Rahi Hunter Abilities

Force Punch: Powerful melee attack that can drain shields.

Heroic Bound: Power jump that can be charged by holding the jump button.

Laugh it Off: Get a shield that increases over time.

Scouting Ahead: Send Brother to a select location to spot enemies.

Shield of Justice:  Launch a projectile to shield allies. The projectiles can blind enemies along the way.

Shoot Laser Beam: Shield piercing laser that can generate a small amount of shield.

To the Rescue: Scout the area ahead with Brother and trigger the ability again to teleport to the Brother’s location.

Shakirri Hunter Abilities

Aim Pistol: Improves weapon accuracy. Hold the button to activate.

Disrupting Strike: Energy wave that disrupts enemies.

Fire Pistol: Shoo the Starlock pistol.

Force Dome: Create a dome to block enemy attacks as well as their path.

Holo-Shield: Shield that deflects projectiles and blocks melee damage.

Swing: Attack with the Sword.

Weapon Swap: Switch between pistol and word.

Summer Hunter Abilities

Fireball: Shoot a long-range fireball.

Firepulse Thrusters: Allows you to jump up and down while generating heat.

Flamethrowers: Shoot a cone of flame.

Ignition Spark: A black that knocks back enemies and you.

Magma Spiral: Create a circular pattern of flaming magma.

Tosca Hunter Abilities

Acid Shot: Shoot acid bullets.

Adhesive Alpha: Explosive compound that does damage and slows down enemies.

Blink: Teleport in the direction of movement.

Electro Cloud: Create a smoke cloud to block the enemy’s line of sight.

X-Ray Goggles: Detect enemies within 50m in front of you.

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