Crossfire X To Be A “Timeless Character Focused Narrative” Says Remedy

When you think about FPS games, Call of Duty comes to mind but Remedy has something else in mind with Crossfire X. For Remedy, it is going to be more about the characters in the game. The devs have talked about how the game is inspired by Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil in different ways.

Executive Producer Tuuka Taipalvesi talked about Crossfire X and mentioned that it is going to be a “timeless character-focused narrative”. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

It’s Not A Super-Real, Angsty Take On War. While Crossfire Has Always Been Fast-Paced Action, It’s A Military Shooter In An Entertainment Wrapper. So We Are Able To Do The Remedy Way Of Building Characters That Have Backstories And Do Not Have Just One Function.

Hopefully, We Are Able To Bring These Characters To Life As Members Of These Factions — They Display The Themes Of Their Teams, But At The Same Time They’re Individuals That Have Their Own Pluses And Minuses.

It’s More Of A Timeless Character-Focused Narrative. We Don’t Go Super-Deep Into The Really Sad Side Of The War, To See Civilian Casualties And All Those Kinds Of Things. I Think It’s More About The Growth Of The Characters. It Is Sort Of Romanticized For A War Game — We’re Not Going Into The Extremes Of How War Can Really Be.

Crossfire X is going to come out later this year. Remedy’s Head of Communications Thomas Puha mentioned that the team has spent a lot of time on the animations in the first person perspective and that the Crossfire X  should feel good.

We Spent A Lot Of Time On The First-Person Animations Early On, And I Think It’s Been Done Well. How Does The Gun Look? How Does It Feel? If We Don’t Get That Feel Right Then, You Know, That’s Everything In An FPS. All Of Us Play A Lot Of First-Person Shooters, And It Is About How It Feels When You Aim And Get That Shot Off. That Was Super-Critical. It’s Stating The Obvious But It’s Hard To Get That Stuff Right.

In other news, Remedy has teased an FPS game of its own after this one. Let us know what you think about Remedy working on Crossfire X and whether or not you are interested in checking out the game then it comes out.

Source: Edge Magazine October 2020

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