Civilization 6 Maya Guide: Lady Six Sky Leader Bonus, Units And Buildings

Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass is out now and Maya is one of the two new Civilizations that you can check out in the game. With the introduction of Maya in Civilization 6 you get the new leader, Lady Six Sky plus some new unique units and buildings. In this Civilization 6 Maya guide, we are going to go over everything that you need to know about this civilization including the leader bonuses for Lady Six Sky, the unique units and the details on buildings.

Civilization 6 Maya Leader Bonus, Units And Buildings

Lady Six Sky is the leader of the Mayan civilization. She is a science and military-focused ruler. The following is what you need to know about her and the Maya civilizations in Civ 6:

Lady Six Sky Unique Ability: Ix Mutual Ajaw

  • Non-Capital cities with 6 tiles of the Capital gain +10% to all yields.
  • Other non-Capital cities (ones further than 6 tiles away from the Capital) gain -15% to all yields.
  • +5 Combat Strength to all units within 6 tiles of the capital.

Maya Unique Ability: Mayab

  • Settling adjacent to freshwater and coast does not provide extra housing. Instead, Farms grant an additional +1 Housing and +1 Gold.
  • +1 Amenity for every Luxury adjacent to the city center.

Civilization 6 Maya

Maya Unique Unit: Hul’che

  • Ancient Era ranged unit that replaces the Archer with a strong ranged attack.
  • +5 combat strength when attacking a wounded opponent.

Maya Unique District: Observatory

  • A unique science-focused district that replaces the Campus, and is cheaper to build.
  • +2 Science bonus for adjacent Plantations.
  • +1 Science bonus for every two adjacent Farm or district tiles.

Civilization 6 Maya Tips And Tricks To Win Each Time

Lady Six Sky is focused on science but you need to focus on developing a small number of high population cities rather than a larger number of cities where the population is low.

You should set up your capital and the first few cities carefully. Be sure to have enough scientific resources around. Build your capital and cities near mountains or jungles. Fit as many jungles and mountains in 6 tiles of your capital. Once you have done that, you need to focus on growing the population of your cities.

In order to grow your population, you will need to have a lot of food, housing and amenities. You can stack your farms in order to get food. You can also use the bonuses from your farms to rush science-based gains early on in the game.

You should rush to produce some archers to produce the unique Hul’che quickly. When you have your troops and get a bit aggressive, remember that it is better to raze cities rather than capturing them. The yield of these cities will be negatively impacted by the Mayab ability. That should not keep you from capturing those strategic points on the map.

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