Civilization 6 Gran Colombia Guide: Simon Bolivar Leader Bonus, Units And Buildings

Gran Colombia is one of the new civilizations that have been introduced as part of the Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass. In this Civilization 6 guide, we are going to go over different aspects of the Gran Colombia civilization including the leader bonuses for Simon Bolivar, unique units and details regarding buildings.

Civilization 6 Simon Bolivar Leader Bonus, Units And Buildings

Simon Bolivar is a military-focused leader. The following is what you need to know about him and the civilization that he leads:

Simon Bolivar Unique Ability: Campaña Admirable

  • Earn a Commandante Generale, a unique Great General unit, every the game enters a new era.

Gran Colombia Unique Ability: Ejército Patriota

  • +1 Movement to all units.
  • Promoting a unit does not end that units turn.

Gran Colombia Unique Unit: Commandante Generale

  • A special type of Great Person unique to Bolivar.
  • Each has a unique ability, as well as a passive and a retire ability.

Gran Colombia Unique Unit: Llanero

  • Industrial Era unique unit the replaces the Cavalry unit, with low maintenance cost.
  • +4 Combat Strength for every adjacent Llanero.
  • If a Commandante Generale activates its retire ability within range, the Llanero fully heals.

Gran Colombia Unique Building: Hacienda

  • Unique buildings constructed by the builder unit can only be built on Plains, Plains Hills, Grassland, and Grassland Hills.
  • Provides +2 Gold, +1 Production and +1 Housing.
  • +1 Food for every two adjacent Plantations. Replacement Parts increases this to +1 Food for every one adjacent Plantation.
  • +1 Production for every two adjacent Haciendas. Rapid Deployment increases this to +1 Production for every one adjacent Hacienda.

Civilization 6 Gran Colombia Tips And Tricks To Win Each Time

As mentioned before, Simon Bolivar is a military leader. So you will need to rely on that along with the support of the additional resources that you gain by his unique Haciendas.

You should look for areas that are open and grassy. This will allow you to stack a number of Haciendas next to one another or plantations that you can make close by.

Your goal early on should be to unlock irrigation technology so that you can unlock plantations. You should get as many Haciendas and Plantations set up as possible. You should also focus on building a cavalry.

Produce Llaneros as soon as possible and have a Commandante Generale close. This combo is going to be very hard to kill. The Generale can retire to fully heal off of the nearby Llaneros.

Your strategy is going to be to keep your cavalry alive for as long as you can. They get a free promotion and heal from it without having to sacrifice an action. You can also rush Oligarchy policy to gain extra experience.

With Gran Colombia in Civilization 6, you should aim for a domination victory.

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