Civilization 6 City Growth Guide: How To Grow City, Increase Population Fast

Civilization 6 has all kinds of different mechanics and systems that you need to know about but city growth and increasing your population is something that you need to know about from the start. In this Civilization 6 City Growth guide, we are going to walk you through how you can grow your cities and increase the population quickly.

The first thing that you do in Civilization 6 is founding your first city. So taking care of the city and growing it is as important as building new ones. There are different ways of growing your city and the population in Civilization 6.

How To Grow City And Population Fast In Civilization 6

Food is very important when it comes to growing your cities. The more food you have the quicker the city is going to grow and the faster the population is going to increase. Be sure to have ample food resources around your city in order to grow it as fast as possible.

Civilization 6 City Grow

In the image above you can see that there are plenty of tiles that can produce food for the city. One of them even has rice as an improvement. You can use these tiles for farms and increase food production in your city.

Extra Population

Once you have a certain amount of food, you get an extra population in your city. These can be used to work around your city. The more population a city can support, the more it will produce. In the city mention, you can assign specialists to work on specific outputs like food, production, science and faith.

Civilization 6 City Grow

Increase Housing

When the city is growing, you need to keep eye housing. This the limit of the population. You need to increase this limit so that the population can increase and the city can keep growing. You can increase housing by establishing different buildings. There are other ways of increasing housing as well. Aquaducts and districts are some of the best ways of increasing housing in the game.

Increase Housing

Cities that have access to freshwater start off with more housing than other cities. That is why the placement of your cities is very important when it comes to their growth in Civilization 6.

Give The People Amenities 

Amenities keep your people happy and that is something that you need in order to grow your cities fast. You can get these by developing luxury resources and building buildings like the entertainment complex. You can check out our amenities guide for more information.

To sum up, to grow your city in Civilization 6 you need to keep the people well housed, well-fed and happy. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Civilization 6 guides hub.

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