Amazon’s Crucible Events Guide – All Events Explained

Amazon’s Crucible brings a fresh take on hero shooter. One of the new elements you’ll experience is random events triggered during multiplayer matches. There are dynamic events in Crucible that change the way matches go. In this guide, we will explain all of the events from Amazon Game Studios’ Crucible.

All Crucible Events Explained

There are three types of events in Crucible.

  • Starting Events: These events are triggered at the start of alpha hunter matches. Modes like Hearts of Hive and Harvester Command do not have starting events.
  • Critical Events:  These are rare events but give hunters major advantages in battle.
  • Major Events: These events happen frequently on Planet Crucible and give Hunters helpful boosts.

Starting Events

Now that you know what starting events are, let’s take a look at how each starting event works in Crucible.

Event  Description 
Spitter Colony  Cluster of splitters spawns inside the containment barrier, providing desirable rewards for Hunters. 
Stomper Herd  Herd of Stompers spawn inside the containment barrier for harvesting. 
Supply Cache  Cache with medkits. 

 Critical Events

Crucible has 7 types of Critical events.

Event  Description 
Damage Energizer  Unity will remotely energize all Hunter weapons which boosts weapon damage. Hunters get 50% damage boost for 120 seconds. 
Essence Canisters  Locked Essence containers are scattered across Crucible. Take the containers to unlock stations to unlock them. 
Essence Eruption  Boiling puddles of essence spawn across the Crucible that damage the players. The event lasts for 120 seconds and each pool gives 200 essence to Alpha Hunters, and 500 essence in Hearts of the Hives. 
Essence Siphon  A device spawns that can leech essence from the environment. Hunter who controllers the device can get a lot of essence but his location is revealed to the enemy. In Alpha Hunters players can get 400 essence per second, in Hearts of the Hives that rate is 75 per second. 
Evolution  Creatures become stronger and give more essence for the rest of the match. 
Global Scanner  All hunters know where other others are for 60 seconds. 
Mini-Harvesters  10 Mini-Harvesters are dropped around the map that give 75 essence per 10 seconds. 

 Major Events

Event  Description 
Biotic Converter  Interacting with the converter drains max HP but the hunter gets a large amount of essence. The effect stops when the hunter reaches 100 HP or stops interacting with it. 
Cloak Plant Bloom  Additional cloak plants appear on the Crucible. 
Damage Boost Pods   Tiny pods that boost damage slightly. 
Damage Amplifiers  Capture the objectives around the map to get a damage boost for yourself and the team. Each objective gives a 12% damage boost in Alpha Hunters and 8% boost in Heart of the Hives. 
Harvester Master Control  Capture an objective that grants ownership of all Harvesters. 
Health Boost Pods  Capture the small pods that gives healing and increase max HP slightly. 
Health Amplifiers  Capture the objectives that confer increased health to a hunter and the team. Increased health per objective is 15% in Alpha Hunters, 12% in Heart of the Hives based on a Hunter’s max health at lvl 1. 
Interaction Shields  Hunters get a capture shield triggered an overshield equal to 30% of base HP when an interaction begins. 
Medikit Amplifier  Hunters can store more medkits. It fills their medkit inventory immediately. 
Medical Station  An objective that heals Hunters when they interact with it. Healing stops when HP is full or interaction is cut-off. 
Regeneration Amplifiers  Objectives spawn on the Crucible that confer continuous regeneration bonus of 5 health per second for a Hunter and his team. 
Scanning Station  A scanner that reveals all Hunter locations to whoever is standing on it. 
Victory Beacons  Objective in Harvester Command mode that grants points to the capturing team. 
Upgrade Station  Objective that adds a Hunter’s unselected T5 upgrade as if it had been select in prematch. 
Stomping Herd  Stompers spawn in the safe zone ready for harvesting. 
Stomper Gathering  Unengaged Stompers will move toward one point on the map. 
Splitter Colony   Cluster of Splitters that provide rewards. 

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