4 liver-damaging habits are worse than staying up late, and 3 of them are things young people do every day

We all know staying up late is a bad habit that is very bad for the liver, but there are 4 more dangerous habits. It’s worth mentioning that 3 of them are things that most young people have.

Good liver, good man! A person with a healthy liver has normal metabolism of toxins and no acne; with normal blood circulation, the skin will be rosy but not pale; the eyes will be moisturised, healthy, not dry, itchy, and not tired.

But now there are too many behaviors that are harmful to the liver. If you’re not careful, your liver will go wrong, your skin will get worse, and your eyesight will get worse.

Here are 4 habits that are worse than staying up late, and 3 of them are things young people do every day.

1. Skip breakfast
When it comes to liver damage, skipping breakfast comes first. Young people have the habit of skipping breakfast for different reasons, but the harm is similar.

If you skip breakfast, your body will consume a lot of fat without an energy source, and when fat is consumed, some fatty acids are left in the liver.

Fatty liver is the most common liver disease. People who skip breakfast may have fatty liver, and very thin people also have fatty liver, which is related to skipping breakfast. If breakfast is not supplemented with protein, the fat in the liver will accumulate and gradually form fatty liver. People who already have fatty liver, skipping breakfast will make the liver fat.

2. Buy your own medicine
Indiscriminately prescribing medicines, taking medicines indiscriminately, taking large doses of medicines, and improper coordination have become the main reasons for many people to suffer from liver disease.

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their health, and online physical examination has become a trend. Many netizens even try to find some good remedies from the Internet, which is convenient and cost-effective.

As we all know, different diseases require different medicines. The same disease has different symptoms, and the method and dosage of medication are wrong. The result of improper medication is often an increase in toxins in the liver, which can eventually damage the liver and cause inflammation.

3. Consumption of processed/unhygienic food
Overly complex foods like baked goods and spicy processed foods are bad for the liver. Liver disease is largely caused by diet, and if the food is too complex, the liver will definitely be weakened.

Such as large fish, animal liver, pancreas, lymphoid tissue… These components of animals are prone to accumulation of bacteria or viruses. Although the probability of food poisoning is small, there are still cases of poisoning and liver damage, so it is important to eat clean and hygienic.

4. Color your hair often
I dye my hair every month, from white to black. If it doesn’t look good, I’ll have to dye it again. Not only women, but men are also starting to dye their hair perm. This may seem like a very “beautiful” behavior, but in reality it has unpredictable dangers.

In some dyes and products that use chemicals in dyes, these chemicals are metabolized by the liver, which itself can be damaged.

Therefore, it is best to choose only reputable, high-quality hair dyes and limit the amount of hair dye to protect the liver.

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